Product Description

FLASH! This pattern is now available in size 14. I don't know for how long. I have a limited supply of #14 saddle feathers which is what you need to do this one. So while I have them! PLEASE no more than 2 dozen per order.

There is no end to the great reports we receive on this pattern here at LDF Fly Fishing Tackle. All over the country, this one produces great catches of trout and smallmouth. This WoolyBugger has a peacock herl body. It's dark green, even though some look at it and call it black. Tail is black marabou and the hackle is olive. One strip of Smolt Blue Krystal Flash is tied down each side of this fly. Easily the most popular version of the Wooly Bugger.
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Peacock Olive Wooly Bugger