10 A Connecticut
11 A pretty
12 A final picture from
13 A scene from PA, right?
14 A beautiful landlocked
15 An unusual trout
16 The old Hellgate Canyon.
17. Even winter has its beauties
2 Anybody for a dip?
2018 Newsletter! plus older news
3 A steep walk
4 A mid spring
5 Spring creek headwater
6 In Missouri we have
7 Eighteen degrees below.
8 A beautiful bright fall day
9 That little ole
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Alaska Related
Ant--Black Calcattera Ant (Daiichi 1180)
Ant--Brown Calcattera Ant (Daiichi 1180)
Antelope, Deer, Elk, Moose, and Bucktail
Argentina and Chile
Arkansas Related
Barred Wild Turkey Wings
Beads--Crystal beads and brass beads
Beetle Black--Terrestrial (Daiichi 1180)
Beetle Brown --Terrestrial (Daiichi 1180)
Black (100)
Black Egghead Flashabugger (Mustad 36890)
Black Egghead Flashabugger (Daiichi 1720 or Mustad 9672)
Black Irresistible
Body Materials
Brass Beads
Breadcrust (Mustad 37160)
Bright Green Caddis Larva (Mustad 37160)
Caddis Dry Flies (9 patterns)
Caddis Larvae (3 patterns)

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