To the left, Gibbon River in Yellowstone

Here are some photos of some of our favorite places. Some of these photos were taken as long ago as the late 70s. If you're bored sometime at work, or just sitting around wanting to imagine being in a different place, click on this page. We have loads of pictures like these and we'll rotate them from time to time.

Ok, you're right. We had a conversion and have started to put up fish pictures. Any objections?! If you have photos of nice fish, we'd be glad to put them up for awhile and give you some well deserved notice!

2 Anybody for a dip?
3 A steep walk
4 A mid spring
5 Spring creek headwater
6 In Missouri we have
7 Eighteen degrees below.
8 A beautiful bright fall day
9 That little ole
10 A Connecticut
11 A pretty
12 A final picture from
13 A scene from PA, right?
14 A beautiful landlocked
15 An unusual trout
16 The old Hellgate Canyon.
17. Even winter has its beauties