LDF offers some high quality animal hair for tying flies. How versatile is deer hair, elk hair, or moose hair? Wings, bodies, and tails for trout flies, pike and bass flies. You name it or think a new application up for yourself. If you want to learn to spin hair heads (e.g., Muddlers), just buy a piece of antelope and some 3/0 monocord. It's easier than you think.

We like Missouri whitetail for wings and for spinning bodies and heads on flies size 8 and larger. Mule deer is hollow and ideal for spinning small bodies and heads on small Muddlers (sizes 10 and 12). We love the moose body hair for tails on Wulffs, Goodus Bugs, and Irresistibles. Unfortunately, the supply is tight Lt. Elk, Moose Body, Mule Deer, and Antelope. PLEASE call in advance.

All hair pieces are 9 square inches.

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Light Elk
Missouri Whitetail
Mule Deer
Moose Body Hair