About LDF

LDF stands for Little Dixie Flies, a mail order fly fishing tackle company begun in Missouri in 1980. We took our name from a region in Missouri called Little Dixie. Almost from the beginning, customers have shortened it to LDF. So we have gone along! Call us by LDF or Little Dixie Flies!

Time is our treasure. Many of us continue to make more money (and in the last few years lost a lot of it), but no one has made more time. LDF wants to help you savor your valuable time in the best way possible--on the rivers, springs, and lakes. If you use our products and succeed in that endeavor, then we have succeeded, too.

Even though we're located in the middle of the US, we have served thousands of customers from the US, Canada, Argentina, Chile, and Europe. If you're new to LDF, we look forward to helping you with your needs wherever you may be. Known primarily for our top quality, American made flies, we also sell a selection of tying material.

We hope our website presents our products and viewpoints to old and new customers alike in the clearest fashion possible. We believe you'll appreciate the photos of our fly selection and find them helpful in your selection of flies and in your tying.

The focus of LDF's business is on trout. That is what we do best. That doesn't mean, though, that we don't fish for anything else. And the same is true of our customers. They seem to love trout best, but that doesn't rule out playing the field--bluegill, bass (especially the smallmouth), crappie, and pike. We don't claim total expertise in every area of the flyrod, but we do know our share about the freshwater use of flies. Give us a call for info or sources of help. If we don't know, we'll go to work to find a reliable source for you.

Keep looking into our site. We promise to keep it interesting! We appreciate your comments.

Robert Schneider