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Standard Nymph  G.R. Hare's Ear Trad. Beaded (Daiichi 1550)

A great all purpose nymph from LDF Fly Fishing Tackle. Buggy due to the use of hare's fur. We sell it in natural and dyed colors. Natural is far and away the most popular. There is no sure fire way to fish this. I've had good luck dead drifting. Just get your strike indicator set so the fly drifts at the right depth and get ready!

The three colors--black, gray, and olive--can be seen at the bottom of this page.

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STNYGRHA$0.90Sizes:  Colors: 

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear Traditional UnbeadedThis one is tied unbeaded. Use this one if you need smaller sizes and if you need to keep the fly drifting in the higher reaches of the current.

STNMGRUNBDD$0.90Sizes:  Colors: 
Click to enlargeStandard Nymph GR Hare's Ear Beaded black
Click to enlargeStandard Nymph G.R. Hare's Ear Beaded gray
Click to enlargeStandard Nymph G.R. Hare's Ear Beaded olive