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LDF does not release its customer list to anyone. Since 1980, we have never rented, sold, or leased a customer name. We continue to abide by that policy. If you email or write, you can rest assured that no one but the owner and the employees of LDF will access any of your private info or use your address. If at any time you would like to be deleted from the LDF mailing list or our email list, just let us know. We'll remove your name immediately.

The only info which we collect from customers consists in their name and address and credit/debit information. We don not request a phone number or email address. If you provide an email address or phone number, it will only be used to correspond with you as necessary to complete an order.

Your personal information is used only to complete, ship, and settle your order. It is not used in any other way.

Your information is stored on a computer which cannot be accessed by anyone outside our business.

Any questions about our privacy policy, please call toll free 1 877 426 2934 or email

Robert Schneider