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It's ice out in Yellowstone! I always put this one up at this time of year. A nice lake in Yellowstone just after ice out time. Yes, a long winter is over. Time to get ready! Let us hear your spring fishing stories.

Think about LDF for flies! Spring is here and we're ready to go. Just call on us for great trout flies!!

HERE'S A SPECIAL OFFER! STILL IN STOCK! Quantities limited to 25 in #12 and 25 in #14. When those are gone, that's it. Only 75 cents each! The Dark Orange Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear

Folks, for years I've done my best to avoid this, but I finally have to raise shipping charges. I can't continue to maintain the $3.00 shipping charge. 2019, shipping will be $4.00. The new charge will show up on your order checkout page.

Check the Fly Selection. We were able to double the area of the thumbnails. Of course, just click on the thumbnail to get a bigger image.


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All of our flies are made in the USA!

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LDF is proud to have been in business since 1980 serving customers in the USA, South America and western Europe. Give us a try! We're ready to go with flies for that big trip or a short trip near your home. Just call or click!

Look inside and you'll find our selection of top quality, American tied flies. We believe that you can't find better. Other shops these days sell trout flies made in Africa, Central America, and southeast Asia. Then they try to convince you that those products are good as any. We know better. Just give us a try and find out for yourselves who's better.

Just remember that as you look through the site, we're informal. Fly fishing ought to be fun.

Here is a link to a Youtube channel. I thought I'd put a few fly tying videos. There are a lot of good fly tying videos on Youtube; maybe I can add a little.

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